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Greg Connly of DOLAN CONNLY tried a case in September of 2018 in Worcester Superior Court. The case alleged chiropractic malpractice. The plaintiff/client was an 81-year-old gentleman who had a manipulation to adjust his pelvis done by the defendant/chiropractor. The negligent performance of this manipulation resulted in the breaking of his prosthetic knee. The client reported that he heard an audible popping sound and felt immediate pain at the time of the adjustment. The prosthetic knee had to be surgically repaired fourteen days later. The chiropractor testified that he had no memory of the treatment and he testified that he did not perform the adjustment described by the client. Greg Connly and Barbara Connly of DOLAN CONNLY worked on the case for over seven years. During the trial, Greg Connly put together the facts and expert testimony supporting the client's position into a coherent credible case for the jury.

On September 14, 2018, the Worcester Superior Court jury came back with a verdict in favor of the plaintiff/client. DOLAN CONNLY'S client was awarded $750,000.00 in past and future medical expenses and $3,000,000.00 in pain and suffering. Including interest, the total judgment was $4,426,180.35. No offer had ever been made by the defense to settle the case.

The verdict was appealed by the defense attorney. However, the case recently settled during the appeal process with the now 88-year-old client receiving a significant financial settlement, above and beyond any other comparable Massachusetts settlements or verdicts for his injuries. Click here to see the actual court docket.

 Elderly pedestrian who was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing a street on his way to church sustained injuries including a closed fracture of the tibia and fibula, clavicle fracture, fractured nasal and orbital bones and laceration injuries - $750,000.00 settlement (in addition to collecting the total motor vehicle insurance policy limit, the at-fault driver made a personal payment in order to settle the case)

Eleven year old girl suffered injuries to two fingers, including the loss of the top of one of her fingers, when it was caught under a roller in a gate which she was closing during recess at school. The company that installed the gate was bankrupt and uninsured. The school and the manufacturer of the roller on the gate contributed to settle the case with money to be paid in periodic installments during the life of the minor plaintiff - $103,000.00 settlement

Fifty-four year old female suffered a hairline laceration and worsening of a pre-existing lumbar disc protrusion as a result of a two vehicle collision in a South Boston intersection - $120,000.00 settlement

Thirty-seven year old male motorcyclist struck from behind by a motor vehicle suffered a fractured ankle and a fractured lumbar vertebra - $200,000.00 settlement (collected the total motor vehicle insurance policy limit on vehicle that struck motorcyclist – owned by the at-fault driver's father - in the amount of $100,000.00, plus the $100,000.00 policy limit on the at-fault driver's own insurance policy for his separate vehicle)

Sixty-year old female passenger in a vehicle that was struck by passing motorist suffered a worsening of a pre-existing cervical disc protrusion that required surgical repair - $100,000.00 settlement (collected the total motor vehicle insurance policy limit of at-fault motorist in the amount of $20,000.00, plus $80,000.00 in underinsured coverage from our client's own motor vehicle insurance policy)

Electric shock and traumatic brain injury sustained by chef who touched a malfunctioning dishwasher - $2,500,000.00 jury verdict in Plymouth Superior Court, Brockton, November 2012 (with interest of $1,180,187.78 final award was $3,680,187.78)

Driver sustained fractured hip when his vehicle spun out on a highway in inclement weather and came to rest facing the wrong direction in the breakdown lane where it was then hit by a second car which also spun out on highway - arbitration award of $214,600.00 minus 40% comparative negligence for a net award of $120,760.00

High school age boy sustained fractured arm when pulled from the top of a set of bleachers by a fellow student - $150,000.00 settlement

Young boy sustained bite injuries and loss of tooth when bitten in the face by a neighbor's dog - $95,000.00 settlement

Woman crossing a street in the rain sustained a degloving injury when her foot was run over by a front tire on a truck - $210,000.00 settlement

Disabled gentleman sustained fractures while residing in a group home - $245,999.00 settlement

Prisoner assaulted and battered by prison guards resulting in a fractured jaw and tooth loss - $250,000.00 jury verdict in U.S. District Court, First Circuit

Death of a Boston firefighter in a restaurant fire as a result of restaurant owner's failure to safely maintain the building - $800,000.00 settlement

Mild traumatic brain injury sustained by 45 year old man in a rear end motor vehicle collision - $675,000.00 settlement

Female resident burned in rooming house fire - $450,000.00 settlement

Driver sustains knee injury in intersection accident - $65,000.00 settlement

Person in custody injures hand in car accident while being transported to court - $50,000.00 arbitration award

Carpenter injures knee after slipping on subcontractor's hose covered in snow - $80,000.00 settlement

Eye injury linked to use of incorrectly filled prescription medication - $300,000.00 settlement

Lumbar injuries sustained in a truck collision -$275,000.00 settlement

Passenger sustains concussion in rear end collision - $55,000.00 settlement

Knee injury sustained by Police Officer in fall down stairwell - $300,000.00 settlement

Dog bite injuries and scarring to 12 year old boy - $95,000.00 settlement

Driver injures spleen and hand in head-on collision - $100,000.00 settlement

Lumbar spine injuries sustained in a rear end low speed motor vehicle collision - $100,000.00 settlement

Slip and fall injury to knee on ice in a supermarket - $65,000.00 settlement

Fall from a nursing home bed resulting in a fractured leg due to a failure to properly supervise the patient - $125,000.00 verdict in Franklin Superior Court

Fracture resulting from leg being pinned under a wheelchair after attendant failed to secure the patient's feet - $300,000.00 settlement

Electrical burns and concussion from explosion of transfer switch due to improper wiring upon installation - $300,000.00 settlement

Motorcyclist cut off by delivery truck resulting in neck and back injuries - $175,000.00 settlement

Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle resulting in knee injuries - $115,000.00 arbitration award

Tire breaks loose from truck and smashes through front windshield causing shoulder injury - $100,000.00 settlement

Driver sustains patella fracture to knee after head-on collision in snowy conditions - $100,000.00 settlement

Off-duty firefighter injured head and neck in intersection collision - $100,000.00 settlement

Passenger aggravates pre-existing neck injury in low speed rear end collision - $97,500.00 settlement

Pedestrian injures knee when struck by commercial vehicle's trailer in crosswalk - $97,500.00 settlement

Elderly driver fractures wrist in head-on car collision - $92,500.00 settlement

Driver with pre-existing neck injury aggravates condition and sustains concussion in rear end collision - $80,000.00 settlement

Motorcyclist losses control and injures back when contractor fails to warn of missing pavement at crest of hill - $92,000.00 settlement

Driver injures low back and neck in rear end car collision - $85,000.00 settlement

Pedestrian injures ankle after stepping in pothole on commercial property that was concealed by leaves and debris - $80,000.00 settlement

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